Convert .AA Audible Files to MP3

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Online Guide to Convert Audible to MP3

The process to convert aa to mp3 or more specifically the audio books from Audible is much like burning them to a CD. The only difference is that you will but them to a "virtual cd" and during that process the drm removal software will convert them to the unprotected mp3 format.

To get started you will need software like in the video (download demo here). Once you have setup Tunebite and installed it correctly you will want to click on the "audio book" button. The first time you do this it will ask you to install the necessary component, you will need to do so. Once installed you will need to click the button again and a pop-up window will display the instructions for converting your audible books to mp3.

Instruction for Auio Book DRM Removal

When using the Audible downloader in junction with iTunes your books will be automatically added to your iTunes.  You can view your audio books simply by clicking on the "Books" button in the "Library" section of iTunes. As seen below.

Location of audible books within iTunes.

In order to convert your audible books to mp3 you will have to locate your books within the your "Playlists".  A playlist titled "Audible" will automatically be created for you. Clicking on this playlist will also display all your audible book downloads as seen below.

Books in your iTunes playlist.

From here you are to do a virtual burn of your audible CD. Right click on your Audible playlist button and select burn to cd. This will bring up a dialog box where you want to select burn with tunebite cd recorder. Also you want to check the box that says "Include CD Text".

NOTE: This will only work if have never burned your book to a CD-R prior. This is because you can can only burn it once and this is when the software removes the DRM from the aa files really quick. However, you can still convert your audio books even if you have burned them before but will have to burn them as demonstrated in this video.

After you have started burning your audio book on the virtual CD-R writer, Tunebite will automatically take over and convert all your books to an mp3 that you can play on any device.

Watch our convert aa to mp3 video on Youtube.