Convert Protected WMA to MP3 – Rhapsody and Napster

Step by Step Process to Remove DRM from Rhapsody

Note: This same concept works for Rhapsody, Napster, iTunes and convert Audible .aa files to mp3 as well.

Once you have opened up Tunebite you can add your protected wma files one of two ways. You can scrub your computer automatically for all your DRM protected .wma files and add them all at once. The second way is to navigate to the folder where the files are stored on your hard drive and the select the ones you want. For the latter use the button located in the picture below to get to your files then select the file or files you want.

Add your protected wma files first

Here is the example given in the video showing a music file that has DRM protection.

Use Add Files button to add DRM music files

Once you click on your music file or files that are in the protected format they will be displayed in the window to the left. Once your file or files are loaded here they are then ready to be converted to your desired format such as an mp3 like in the demo video above.

File is now ready to be converted

Now you can adjust the audio settings before you convert the protected wma files. Once satisfied just click the start button and the software will begin to remove DRM from your protected wma file or files.

Click Start Button To Start Removing DRM

The progress can be viewed as in the image below shows what this looks like when using the high speed option. The other option is using the high quality setting and depending on hardware and personal taste you may want to experiment with the settings until you get the quality of sound you are looking for. The actual defaults do a great job.
Example of Progress Bar in High Speed Mode

Once the conversion process is done the file will be displayed on the left as shown below. As you can see that in addition to converting your file, Tunebite also added album artwork and all the ID3 tag data like artist, album, genre and year. The software will also retrieve the lyrics for each file if you have that option turned on.
File now in mp3 format.

You can now locate your file by clicking on the folder icon under the window that displays all the music files on the right. Just click on the icon and Tunebite will open up the folder displaying your new mp3 file. You can now easily drag and drop that file into your favorite music management software like iTunes and burn those mp3 files to a CD-r without any restrictions.
Your Protected WMA is now ready in the MP3 format

View this Convert Protected Wma to Mp3 video on Youtube.